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Hammersmith Homebrew Supplies: The Capital Region's one-stop shop for all your beer brewing  and wine making needs!

Beer Brewing Equipment

All the equipment you need to brew your favorite beer can be found in the Personal Brewery Kit!

Standard Brewery Kit includes:

* 7 gallon Fermenting bucket with lid
* Bottling bucket with spigot
* Bottle Filler
* Airlock & Stopper
* Bottle Capper
* Hydrometer
* Syphon hose (4 ft)
* Auto-Siphon
* Bottle Brush
* Brewer book
* Sanitizer Solution

Deluxe Brewery Kit includes

* Standard Brewery Kit plus
* Stockpot
* Glass carboy

Standard Brewery Kit


Deluxe Brewery Kit


Once you have your Beer Brewing Equipment, you are now ready for the next step ...

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