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Wine Ingredient Kits

What is in our Wine Ingredient Kits?

Ingredients include: 

Concentrated must (quantity varies)
Potassium metabisulfite (antioxidant)
Isinglass or gelatine (final clarifier)
Selected wine yeast
Potassium sorbate (stabilizer)
May contain bentonite (initial clarifier)
Other ingredients according to wine recipe

What is the difference between Wine Ingredient kits?

All of the wine ingredient kits that we sell make 6 gallons of wine. The main difference  between the kits is the amount of concentrated must, or juice, that is included in each kit. Some kits need to have water added to the concentrated must while other kits do not need any water. 

For example,

Kit Amount of Juice Amount of water to add Final amount of wine
Vinifera  2.6 gallons  3.4 gallons  6 gallons
Riserva & Renaissance  4.5 gallons  1.5 gallons  6 gallons
Mosti Mondiale &
Mosto Italiano
 6 Gallons  0 gallons  6 gallons

This does not mean that the Vinifera wines are of less quality than the Mosti Mondiale or Mosto Italiano. All it means is that the higher the amount of juice, the stronger the flavor. For beginners or people who like a less strong wine may prefer the Vinifera or Riserva kits. For those who like a stronger, more robust wine may prefer the Mosti Mondiale or Mosto Italiano kits. 

Finally, you will notice the difference in prices among the various kits. The higher the amount of juice in the kit, the higher the price.

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