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Wine Ingredient Kits

Hammersmith is proud to offer a new product line of wine kits, Mosti Mondiale's "Vinifera Noble".  Our kits contain all the ingredients needed to make 6 gallons - that's 30 bottles (750ml) of your favorite wine.

What is included in our Wine Ingredient Kits? What is the difference between Wine Ingredient kits? Click here to find out!

Wine Ingredient Kits
Click on any Kit to learn about the various wines available from Mosti Mondiale.
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"Fresco (Fresh Harvest Juice"  
"6 Gallon All Juice Wine Kits"
"Due Uve"
"Vinifera Noble"


Mosti Mondiale "6 Gallon All Juice Wine Kits"

These "ALL JUICE" Kits contain 6 gallons of fresh juice that arrives during the harvest season is flash pasteurized that biologically stabilizes the fresh juice and is immediately packaged under aseptic conditions to insure stability.
For the home winemaker this is the pinnacle of wine kits. No other will combine the bouquet, body and taste of these wines. In as little as 6 to 8 weeks, you will be able to reap all the benefits that only quality fresh juice can provide.

Whites Reds
Item Price Item Price
Chardonnay  $144.95 Amarone Medaglia D'Oro  $144.95
Gewürztraminer  $144.95 Barolo   $144.95
Riesling  $144.95 Cabernet Sauvignon  $144.95
Sauvignon Blanc  $144.95

Cabernet Sauvignon\Merlot Blend

Trebbiano (New)  $144.95 Castel del Papa  $144.95
  Chianti 'Mondiale'  $144.95
  Lambrusco  $144.95
Merlot  $144.95
Montepulciano  $144.95
Nero D'Avola (New)  $144.95
Petite Syrah  $144.95
Pinot Noir  $144.95
Red Bourg Royal (New)  $144.95
Sangiovese  $144.95
    Shiraz 'Mondiale'   $144.95
    Valpolicella 'Mondiale'   $144.95
Zinfandel Blush  $144.95
    Zinfandel Red  $144.95

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Mosti Mondiale "Due Uve" (Mixed Blend)

Due Uve (means two grapes) is a sterile must made from a blend of two grape varieties. These blends have been carefully prepared to keep the best characteristics of each of the varieties in the blend. 
Contains 6 gallons of juice.

Whites Reds
Item Price Item Price
Chardasia    $ 128.50 Caberlot  $ 131.50
Grigionnay  $ 128.50 Pinomer  $ 129.50
Soave Mondiale  $ 128.50

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Mosti Mondiale "Renaissance"

The Renaissance (rebirth) defines a new standard in wine making, utilizing the highest level of fresh must (juice from vinifera grapes) and premium concentrates. Experience the joys of the Bold Bambino (Italian), El Solo (Chilean), Boomer (Australian Types), and the extravagant Old Vine (Californian) as they each allow you to make wines that will become instant favorites.

Bold Bambino Wines
Drink the Sun drenched grapes of Italy!
Whites Reds
Item Price Item Price
Bianco Di Trapani  $ 125.05 Amarone  $ 125.05
Luna di Miele    $ 125.05 Barolo  $ 125.05
Pinot Bianco  $ 125.05 Chianti  $ 125.05
Valpolicella  $ 125.05

El Solo Wines
Taste the distinct character of South America!
Whites Reds
Item Price Item Price
Chardonnay  $ 125.05 Cabernet Sauvignon  $ 125.05
Vioginier  $ 125.05 Carmenere    $ 125.05
  Franc Sauvignon   $ 125.05
  Malbec    $ 125.05
  Pinot Noir  $ 125.05
  Rio Grande Rojo  $ 125.05

Boomer Wines
Experience the adventure from Down Under!
Whites Reds
Item Price Item Price
Chardonnay  $ 125.05 Cabernet Sauvignon  $ 125.05
Sauvignon Blanc  $ 125.05 Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz  $ 125.05
Shiraz    $ 125.05
Shiraz Merlot    $ 125.05

Old Vine Collection
The juice used in these kits is from old vines, over 35 years old, 
from the Lodi area in California!
Item Price
Cabernet Sauvignon  $ 125.05
Merlot  $ 125.05
Zinfandel    $ 125.05


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Mosti Mondiale "Vinifera Noble"

Vinifera Noble has quickly been named the true "Connoisseur's Selection" as it provides winemakers a beautiful balance of both concentrate and fresh juice in one convenient package. This kit yields 6 gallon of finished wines equating to nearly 30 bottles of great tasting wines!.

Whites Reds
Item Price Item Price
Blanc des Chateaux  $  83.95 Barolo  $  83.95
Chardonnay  $  84.95 Cabernet Franc  $  84.95
Chardonnay/Semillon Blend (New)  $  83.95 Cabernet Sauvignon  $  84.95
Gewürztraminer  $  83.95 Carmenere  $  85.95
Liebfraumilch  $  83.95 Castel del Papa  $  83.95
Piersporter  $  83.95 Chianti  $  84.95
Pinot Grigio  $  83.95 Gamay (New)  $  83.95
Riesling  $  83.95 Merlot  $  84.95
Sauvignon Blanc  $  83.95 Pinot Noir  $  84.95
Soave (New)  $  83.95 Sangiovese  $  84.95
Zinfandel White (Blush)  $  83.95 Shiraz  $  83.95
Shiraz/Merlot Blend  $  83.95
Valpolicella  $  83.95
Zinfandel  $  83.95

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All prices subject to change.

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